Monday, August 18, 2008

Departure day

In spite of getting up at 6.30am, and having done a lot of packing after returning from the kayak launch the night before, it still took me until noon to be ready to leave. Amazing how long it can take to pack up and leave.

Dobby and Max and Moose and Sheila and I took one last walk, we all said our goodbyes.

I stopped in Wolfville for a quick lunch with Carolyn before hitting the road. By 1.30pm we were heading out of town, my goal was to make it to the Quebec border before stopping.

Every time I stopped for gas or exercise, I checked the kayak ropes and tie-downs, everything stayed secure. It was a sunny warm day, kind of hot in the truck so Dobby was restless and didn't seem able to get comfortable. So we stopped a lot.

In northern New Brunswick just after sunset I started seeing flashes of red light in the clouds ahead of us. The red almost full moon was rising in the east, off to our right. The flashing got more and more spectacular, spreading east and west. Clearly we were headed into a storm. Finally I saw forked lightning and then the rain hit. Could see nothing, the road just looked like a sheet of water, and there was no sky to speak of. I'm glad there was hardly any traffic to worry about, I slowed way down and just kept plowing through the water.

After awhile the rain abated, and shortly after that we crossed into Quebec. I pulled off at the first rest area and set up for the night. There were several big trucks there, including a truck full of cattle, stomping and mooing. I settled Dobby into the truck cab for the night and I climbed into my bed in the back. It was just about midnight.

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Anonymous said...

Anne, you are truly amazing. Look how you planned your time, built a kayak, vacationed with family, launched, packed, and drove even thru a storm.

What a woman you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!