Saturday, August 16, 2008

End of an era

The weather today is postponing the launch until tomorrow, in fact it is postponing everything. I can't even pack the truck.

Mike and Rick planned to cut a flagpole for the Baxter's Harbour Community Centre, in preparation for the democracy celebration party coming up in September. Sheila, Nancy and I were walking the dogs and we ran into them in the woods, hauling out their new flagpole-to-be.

I showed off my completed kayak to Sheila and Nancy, and then Mike and Rick showed up to "evict" me from the Garden House. Mike said, the kayak is done, we need the sawhorses!

After they put in some time admiring the kayak, they lifted it off the sawhorses and put it on a tarp on the floor.

So it's official now, the kayak is really done. I was almost a bit sad to see it come off the sawhorses, the end of what seemed like an era!

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Anonymous said...

Applause!!!!! How perfect that the tarp is sea blue! The kayak is beautiful!

Happy dancing!!!! Okay, so it's a bit late, but joy-joy all the same!