Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finishing the hull

Since I couldn't get the nuts and bolts I need until Monday, today I thought I'd urethane the hull. To do that I needed to turn the kayak upside down. That was an adventure!

The cradles that the kayak is resting on are movable, the second I lift the kayak off them they flip down into an unusable position. Getting them back up in the proper position means holding kayak in one arm and then reaching over the kayak to flip the cradle arms up into the correct position, without dropping the kayak. And that's just one cradle, then I have to do the other cradle. All I can say is, it's bloody tricky to do! At one point I had one of the cradle arms stuck inside one of the hatch holes, I couldn't move the kayak off of it and the other end of the kayak was in danger of sliding down onto the steel wood stove. I felt like I was about to lose the past two months of work in one fell swoop!

After much sweating and maneouvering I got the kayak upside down on the cradles, more or less stable. I used the sander and 220 grade sand paper to roughen the hull epoxy. Then I cleaned it with vinegar. I probably should have cleaned it first, the hull has been sitting around for eight years and was quite dirty. After I got it pretty clean I opened the can of urethane and spread it on the hull with a 2" bristle brush. It went on very nicely and looked really good. No drips, very shiny. I'm happy with that.

The flower today is chicory, it just bloomed today. I love chicory.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I suppose there are some jobs in a workshop best handled by two people - like turning a kayak upside down! I can just see you wrestling that long, increasingly heavy, and unwieldy creation of yours while the cradles did their freedom dances. It must have been a sight to behold!

You deserve a Laurel and Hardy handshake!