Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Gambier Island parade

I'm so used to getting up early that today is no exception.

Leia rouses Dave fairly early for breakfast and getting outdoors, I was up not long after.

We took her for a walk through the woods and down to the wharf.

Today the Gambier Island community is having a kind of harvest festival, there will be a parade, a craft fair, musical entertainment and community supper.

Johanna and I went down to view the parade and the craft fair.

The parade consisted of a couple of vehicles, one clown with a small sidekick, a dog in costume, and another dog riding a motorbike (with human help).

And lots of followers.

They paraded from the New Brighton wharf, past the General Store and up the hill to the Community Centre.

We went for another walk down to the wharf, where we watched some kids rolling a big cedar log in the water...

...with their dog...

...and a windsurfer...

...while Leia chased sticks in the water.

Later in the evening we returned for the community supper: barbecued chicken or ribs, corn on the cob, Caesar salad and lots of different cakes for desert. Unfortunately Johanna had injured her back and was uncomfortable sitting for very long so we only stayed long enough to eat. I grabbed a rice krispie square and a brownie for desert. We went back to their house and watched Ghost on the VCR.

For once, staying in a cabin in the woods, I have cell phone reception and can make calls. I have to arrange to transfer to another friend's place on the Sunshine Coast on Monday, and my son Josh has offered to take us flying some time that week so I have to talk to him about the arrangements for that.

We have a nice long chat, me standing on the deck under the stars with my little cell phone.

I must say, that is one bit of modern technology I really appreciate, the ability to be in the middle of nowhere enjoying the scenery and still keeping in touch with friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice place to wind down for a little while, to enjoy the sights, sounds, foods, and available dogs!

Amen to the wonderful convenience of cell phones.

Joy! What is next?!