Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The last bolt

Yesterday when I told Sheila that I broke my new camera she told me I should get another one but I said there was no way I was buying another camera. She bet I would have a new camera today. I guess she was right.

She brought her camera along and we merrily took pictures of everything in sight, kids, dogs, mushrooms, whatever.

Riley, the kid next door came along on our walk. Riley has been sick with a sore throat the last few days, this is his first outing since he fell ill.

Today I just have to attach the straps and buckles, the "inch worms", and the foot pedals to the kayak and it is Done! More or less. Nancy came by and we talked about a launch date (tentatively, Saturday) and walked Dobby and her dog Chezzah. Nancy would like to come out with her kayak too.

I didn't start actual work on the kayak till late in the afternoon and it went rather slowly. I mixed a small amount of epoxy to put in each hole before I inserted the nuts and bolts. This is to make the holes waterproof. Because I was working with epoxy I was wearing the respirator and latex gloves, but it was extremely awkward to handle tiny nuts and washers with the sticky gloves. First I took the respirator off, then one layer of gloves. Lately I have been wearing two pairs of gloves, it seems to make them last longer. But even just one pair of gloves was awkward. I eventually gave up even that.

Although slow, most of the bolts were not to hard to insert. But the bolts for the foot pedals were difficult, particularly the forward bolts which I could barely reach. The same problem as for sanding the forward bulkhead on the cockpit side.

I managed to get one foot pedal on, but not the other. At one point I asked Sheila to help me but even so we could not get that last bolt in. I managed to get every bolt in except that one.

I also tested my skirt and cockpit cover, discovering that they were too small. I wasn't sure what to do about that, I could either get longer bungee cords to fit into the skirt and cover to loosen them up a bit, or I could trade them in for the next larger size. This seemed like the easier solution, but I needed to call Mountain Equipment to make sure they had the next larger size. They did, and they would hold them for me.

Later in the evening I talked to Mike and Ruth about it and they were very surprised that my skirt was too small. Mike said he'd check it for me. At 9.00pm we went to the Garden House with Ruth's skirt and mine and put the kayak on the floor to get into it to put the skirt on. I had tried to put the skirt on while the kayak was still up on the sawhorses, but Mike said you really had to do it sitting inside the kayak. Sure enough, it fit fine when the kayak was on the floor and I was sitting inside it.

I mentioned the problem with the foot pedal bolt and Mike helped me get the bolt started in the hole. I did not tighten it right up because I want to add a bit of epoxy to the hole, and I can do that when I add the two extra "inch worms" to the bow.

Tomorrow I will go into Halifax one more time to get a couple more inch worms and some wheels for moving the kayak around. Also rope for tying the kayak on my roof rack, and a small carpet to slide the kayak over the edge of the truck onto the roof rack.

So Thursday, another trip to the City, then Friday install the two extra inch worms and the final foot pedal bolt, and then start packing up to leave. Saturday or Sunday, launch the kayak. Monday, head out for Toronto. This is not what I wanted to do, I wanted to have some time here after the kayak was finished. But things just aren't working out that way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Cheers for getting the kayak finished and setting a launch date! Fantastic!!

Okay, now carefully consider your options about a departure date ...
- if no one needs your current residence
- if you have no special date you're needed back in Toronto....
THEN stay a bit longer! You won't get this same opportunity again, so if it can be finagled, do stay. It's just good sense.

You've had a wonderful and accomplish-full summer whatever you decide to do.

Huge hugs!