Sunday, August 24, 2008

Leaving home again

Today I packed for the trip west. I have spent the last few days sorting out the contents of the truck for what I still want to keep with me and what I can afford to offload, so hopefully the truck will be lighter and less crowded. Yesterday I cooked some food for the trip, some rice and vegetables and spiced lentils, and bought milk, cereal and tea.

My plan is to visit with my brother and sister-in-law in Barrie tonight and then leave there early for British Columbia. I think it will be a four and a half day trip, putting me in New Westminster Friday afternoon.

Dobby stayed behind. He wasn't happy about that, but I am sure he is glad to be back with his family.

I arrived in Barrie in time for a late dinner, a little chat and then off to bed.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture of Dobby. I'm sure he misses you after all your time together. He is filling out a bit!

Anonymous said...

Sweet! I know Dobby with love you forever for the love, treats, bones, doggie friends, amazing odors, and adventures you added to his life!

Belatedly, Godspeed!