Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Manitoba and Saskatchewan: two provinces in a single day

My first prairie day. The last two days were rocks and trees and lakes, today I emerged from the trees into the grassland. Great fields of wheat and hay, huge skies of spectacular cloud formations.

I experimented with taking photos while driving.

A bit dangerous, but then so is falling asleep at the wheel. Out on the grassland, it is good to keep busy and entertained, not fall victim to boredom and nodding off.

I drove almost all the way through Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

My memory of this stretch of the TransCanada is that it is rather like running the gauntlet; there just aren't a lot of places to stop and rest or take a pee break.

I remember once in desperation stopping at a place where there were a few low bushes by the side of the road, the best cover I could find for relieving myself. The copious amounts of used tissue paper behind those bushes was evidence of this being the primary thought of many other travellers before me. This trip is not so bad, I never got to the point of searching out those bushes for relief.

In the late evening I found a rest stop already occupied by several other travellers; I pulled in and quickly setup for the night, only a few kilometers from the Alberta border.

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Anonymous said...

Applause, Anne! You are indeed intrepid and amazing. Did you know that or are you just used to yourself being that way?! Golly gee!

I'm glad to be tagging along!