Saturday, August 2, 2008

Salad days

I am still bummed out by the camera situation. It's really not rational I know, I'm just going to have to wait for this feeling to pass. I tried to work on the kayak today but couldn't. Hopefully I will be recovered tomorrow!

Lucky Dobby, no shopping today! Although, when I examined all my purchases I realized that I did not get enough of some items. In particular, I need four more buckles. Peter suggested I buy a cheap backpack and get them off that. But Mike says he's going into Halifax on Monday so he could pick them up.

This morning Peter and Chezzah joined our daily dog walk, Chezzah was in a playful mood. They went off to visit Mike and then Sheila's son's girlfriend joined us with her dog, Lucy, a lab/pitbull cross. Lucy was a black ball of energy, she ran the legs off both Max and Dobby. Those three just tumbled and ran and chased and hurtled at our legs for half an hour. By the time we parted company, Dobby could hardly walk anymore! He has spent most of the rest of the day sleeping it off.

Dobby has lost his bone. Apparently he left it out on the road yesterday and I think a coyote got it.

Today is the Baxter's Harbour Community Supper, potluck. After some staring at my paltry pantry, I decided to make tabouli salad. I had a tabouli mix, some tomatoes, mint and chives, and I thought I could ask Mike for some cucumber from his garden. He had quite a lot of cucumber that he said I could have, and then I thought a cucumber, dill and yogurt salad would be nice too, so I made both.

The Supper was at 5pm, I got there a bit late. Turns out everyone brought salad, it was entirely a salad supper. But quite a variety of salads. There were about thirty people and a sprinkling of little kids. Very pleasant.

A number of years ago the United Church signed over its church building and parish hall to the Baxter's Harbour Community Association, and threw in some money to do some repairs on both buildings. The church comes with a little cemetery as well, so if you live in the Harbour you can be buried there. There are no regular services in the church now, but the occasional wedding or funeral. The parish hall is now the community centre. The community upgraded the wiring and that was more expensive than originally budgeted so they are still fundraising to pay for that. Regular suppers are part of that fundraising.

Rick found out that the government is giving away money for democracy parties and he wants Baxter's Harbour to apply for some. Basically you get $1,000 to throw a party. The reason: the province is celebrating the 250th anniversary of democracy in Nova Scotia, they are touting it as the oldest democratic government in the country. I suppose it might be, if you don't count First Nations democracies. I think I will be gone by the time they get the money, too bad, it sounds like a great party. If there is one thing this part of the country is good for, it's music, so they will be able to hire a bunch of local musicians to play and it will be a lot of fun.

At supper Peter was teasing me about how after I finish the kayak I should build something else, how about a six-sided house? His daughter Emily piped up, Yeah, I never saw the first one you built! I said I was moving on, I had another idea for my next project. I told Peter what it was, he thought it sounded like a great idea, made some suggestions and said it would probably take me a couple of years to complete. He is no doubt right, but what the heck. He wondered if I could do part of the work in Toronto, but I said, no, I had no desire to build anything in Toronto, there were better things to do in the City. One of the women at our table said I didn't strike her as a City Girl, I said I wasn't but I kind of liked some things about living in Toronto.

After two late nights, I am going to try to get to bed early tonight...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

How interesting your days and evenings are! The community salad supper sounds like yummy fun, too. We had a veggie supper from our garden last night and it was fine!

((hugs)) for poor boneless Dobby!

Hope you're over mourning your lovely camera and can continue on your kayak. Now, of course, I have to ask about your next project. I promise I won't tell a soul if it's a secret! 2 years for completion and not in Toronto.... interesting!