Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sanding the bulkhead fillets

I managed to get some sanding done on the kayak but it was hard to get motivated to do it. One of the problems is that I am trying to sand down the bulkhead filleting I did last week. After leaving it for a couple of days the epoxy is really hard and tough to sand, I can't use the wood file because there are too many concave curved areas that the file won't fit into. The rear bulkhead is hard to do, the forward bulkhead really tough to do. If I'd known, I'd have positioned the bulkhead an inch or two aft of where it is now, I can reach it from the forward hatch but not quite from the cockpit. An inch closer would make a huge difference!

I wear the respirator, but getting my arm, my head and the respirator inside the forward hatch (which happens to be the smaller one) is next to impossible. I ended up just putting my arm in and feeling my way instead of trying to see what needs to be sanded. But in the cockpit I have to practically climb right inside the kayak to reach, it is very awkward and frustrating. I can sand in one direction but not in the other, and some parts I can't reach at all. Which means I will have to tip the kayak onto its other side to try to reach those spots.

I don't need it to be pretty, but I do need to get rid of any rough edges or points that fabric or vinyl bags could catch on.

Just for something else to do, I thought I'd make a walking stick. Wasn't sure what kind of wood to make it out of, so I cut some branches of birch, willow, poplar and red maple to try them out. The willow, birch and the maple peeled really easily. I gave Dobby the scraps to chew on

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I hear you about things being just barely out of reach as I'm short and run into that situation often. Hope the inspiration of how to sufficiently sand those nooks and crannies will come to you.

Live and learn doesn't work too well unless you're planning to build another kayak or to write a book!