Saturday, August 16, 2008

The kayak is off the saw horses

Mike announced that I was finished the kayak and took away his two sawhorses, because he needed them for another project. He said I threaded the buckles on the straps wrong; I said, Well you do it right then, I'm going to walk the dogs with Sheila and Nancy. When I came back he had threaded one buckle correctly, and I threaded the rest the same way. He also threaded one piece of bungee cord on the deck in front of the cockpit, I threaded the one in the rear of the cockpit and also one piece forward of the front hatch.

I noticed my truck had a flat tire, must have happened last night. I changed the tire and took the flat one in to Canadian Tire in the Valley to get repaired. Got them to fix my windshield wiper too. Between walking the dogs, threading the bungee cords and fixing the flat tire, that was pretty much my day. I would have put the kayak on the roof rack but it rained for a good part of the day and I wasn't up for struggling with it in the rain.

We decided to launch the kayak on Sunday since the weather today was pretty crappy. Nancy will probably not be able to come because she works on Sunday, but Carolyn, Ruth and Mike will come. Ideally we will launch in the Harbour and maybe paddle down to Black Hole, but if the waves are too high then we will go to Kingsport and launch there. Dobby killed a bird today on our walk. It was injured, one wing looked pretty bad and smelled worse. I tried to keep him away from the bird but failed. I saw him later with one little foot sticking out of his mouth, I made him open his mouth and the dead bird was there. It had maggots on its injured wing so it was a goner anyway, I suppose Dobby just put a quick end to its misery. I did a bit of packing but not much, there isn't much left to pack. I think getting the kayak on the roof rack tomorrow is going to be a big task. Mike thought it would be funny to photograph me struggling to get it up there by myself. Ha ha.

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