Monday, August 11, 2008

Too many holes

I went to Berwick to get my stainless steel nuts and bolts. I also got potatoes for Dobby and broccoli for me. Adding potatoes to his food seems to leave him more satisfied, but he's still scrawny.

The urethaned hull looks very good.

I drilled holes in it for the foot pedals, and then Mike helped me turn the kayak right side up again.

I went home to have a sandwich for lunch, but realized I hadn't taken any bread out of the freezer so I just made some tea and grabbed a handful of smoked almonds. I went back to the Garden House with the intention of drilling holes and spreading urethane on the deck.

Once again a problem that will delay things another day. I drilled the holes for the strapping to hold down the hatch covers and for the deck rigging, but about half way through realized that some of my holes were in the wrong place, they went through the extra layer of reinforcing plywood strips fore and aft of the cockpit, and my bolts are not long enough to go through two layers. So that means I have to make additional holes further away from the cockpit and fill in the ones I made through the reinforcing layers. And that means that I have to delay putting on the urethane until that filler has dried and I've sanded it down, so possibly tomorrow, possibly Wednesday.

I mixed some epoxy to fill those holes and used some of it to install the back rest (the bolt holes have to be lined with epoxy before inserting the bolts) and some to epoxy the bow hole and the foot pedal holes. I would have installed the foot pedals but I didn't have the right kind of screw driver.

I checked my straps with buckles and they are all quite long enough for the job, they are even long enough to double up the straps where they will be bolted to the kayak, but unfortunately the bolts are not long enough to go through two layers of the straps.

I sanded most of the deck, except for around the holes that I filled with fresh epoxy. Tomorrow I will have to clean it up and sand the epoxy to be ready for the urethane. I think it will be OK to urethane over the two tiny holes freshly filled with epoxy.

Mike took the day off work to do some work around the land. Among other things he mowed a large part of the field out front and also the road down to Peter Fader's old cabin. In the evening I biked down there and on my way back I saw the Dog House through the trees. I've never seen it before. There used to be two small cabins in the woods, one was called the Kat Kabin and the other the Dog House. I've seen the Kat Kabin, I've even spent time there when it was occupied. But the Dog House was built after I moved away and I had heard about it but never actually seen it. And for some reason I thought it had been torn down. But apparently not. It was a bit eerie to see it, it's pretty decrepit now.

Dobby has a sore on his shoulder. I think it must be a deer fly bite that he has scratched until it opened. When I first saw it a few days ago it was a raw spot about the size of a nickel. Then yesterday the raw spot was the size of a Toonie and looked quite awful. It was then that I realized he's been making it bigger by scratching it, and I can't do anything to stop him from scratching except yell at him. Now he runs into the bushes when he wants to scratch, he knows I'll yell at him if I see him scratching. In the morning there is a scab on it, but by noon he has it open again.

I am hoping to be done working on the kayak on Wednesday. I don't have quite enough interims, I'm going to add the last two later. They are for a bungie cord across the deck in front of the forward hatch, to slip the paddle under to hold it when not in use. I could leave here on Thursday, but I am going to aim for Sunday now, arriving back in Toronto on Monday night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Can you believe that the end is in sight? That the light at the end of the tunnel isn't from an oncoming train?? That you've accomplished your goal of building a kayak???

Impressive!!!!!!!! You're one intrepid adventurer and that's for sure!

Hope Dobby's shoulder is on the mend now.

Happy dancing here!!!!