Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The universe transforms itself

Today I urethaned the deck and went into town. The urethane painting went so fast that I also added a second coat to the upper parts of the hull.

In town I returned all the wrong nuts and bolts to get about $18.00 back. I bought myself a Caesar Chicken Wrap and a walnut raisin loaf, and went out for dinner with Carolyn with my riches. Well, dinner cost me more than $18.00 but no matter.

Last night I dropped my brand new camera and it broke. In the morning I called the manufacturer to see what they could do for me but basically, nothing. Dropping your camera is not covered by warranty, and the cost of fixing it was going to be the cost of the camera itself. I was pretty disgusted with myself for that one. That was part of the rationale for returning all the wrong nuts and bolts for the cash, that since I'd just written off a $180 camera, I needed to recoup a bit in whatever way I could. I also thought I'd go back to Staples and see if I could get my money back on the Extended Warranty that I bought for the camera, which is now useless since it does not kick in until the manufacturer's warranty expires and the camera is toast now.

So I packed up the broken camera and the receipt and all my nuts and bolts and their receipts and headed down into the Valley. At Staples I went to the customer service desk and asked for my money back on the extended warranty.

The woman there got this worried look on her face, and said, Wouldn't you rather just have a new camera?

That kind of took me aback, I sure wasn't expecting that.

A new camera?

Yes, just bring in the old one and we'll replace it.

Well, I've got it out in the truck, I'll just go get it.

I go get the camera and come back and lay it on the counter. She opens the box to check that everything is there, the camera is now in two pieces. She picks up the two pieces and says, Obviously defective.

By this time, I am holding my breath, I cannot believe this is happening. She tells me I can have the exact same camera or another one of the same value. I want the same camera. She passes me over to another sales person, he checks inventory and tells me that they don't have any more of that camera.

Now, earlier, when I was walking with Sheila and the dogs and told her what had happened the night before, she said, among other things, that I should check the Staples flyer to see what's available on sale. And I did, and my camera was on sale for $20 cheaper than what I paid. So, I mentioned this to the guy, that the camera was in the sale flyer.

He said that sale didn't start until Wednesday (tomorrow), so I said, Then you'll have the camera in stock tomorrow?

He said, Let me just check again. He goes back to check, and sure enough, comes out with the camera. There's one left, he says.

I'll take it, I say.

So we go to the customer service desk to do all the paperwork, he writes out a new warranty and then says, Bring this receipt in tomorrow and we'll give you $20.00.

Excuse me?

You don't have to bring the camera back, just bring the receipt, and we'll give you the sale price, you'll get $20 back.

OK, now I am totally dumbfounded. I was so bummed out over having broken a brand new camera, and now I was getting another new camera to replace it, AND $20!

The thing is, in the past week, I've had one camera break down on me, I broke a second camera, I got two rocks in my windshield one of which is spreading cracks all over the place, and I fell off my bike. I was starting to feel like the universe was out to get me, and what else was going to go wrong? I'll tell you what else was going to go wrong: the kayak was going to fall off the roof rack somewhere in the wilds of New Brunswick and smash to smithereens, the truck was going to break down somewhere on the highway through Quebec and I was going to have to hitchhike to Toronto. I was definitely feeling like the future was starting to look very scary, it's not good to have the universe against you.

And then they give me a new camera and tell me to come back tomorrow for $20. All of a sudden the universe was a wonderfully miraculous place where good things happen and people just walk up to you and hand you cash!

That just made my day.

And maybe the kayak will be safe on the roof rack after all.

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a wonderful reversal of fortunes!

Yep, bungee the heck all over the kayak and it cannot go anywhere the truck doesn't go - I think! Fingers crossed!

Happy hugs!