Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wawa to the Manitoba border

It was a cold night and a cold morning. By the time I had prepared coffee and breakfast and packed the truck to leave, my hands were numb with the cold, I couldn't eat cold cereal with frozen hands. I drove just far enough down the road with the car heater turned up high to warm up enough to eat my breakfast. I pulled over by a small lake from which the morning mist was still rising and I could hear the loons calling. Typical northern Ontario scene!

One of my stops was at the Terry Fox Memorial just east of Thunder Bay. The Memorial is set on a height over the highway, you can see the Sleeping Giant in the distance. This is roughly the place where Terry Fox had to end his run across the country. He started out from Newfoundland in virtual obscurity, but by the time he reached Thunder Bay he was a national hero. Still is. The fact that he never got to complete his run was almost irrelevant.

By nightfall I was still in Ontario but at the Manitoba border. I had decided to continue on in Canada rather than turn south to the US. While it would definitely be cheaper to go through the US, it has been awhile since I did the Canadian route and enjoyed the scenery so much in Ontario that I thought I would just continue on.

So many vehicles in northern Ontario have a canoe on the roof, that I felt quite at home with my kayak on the roof!

In some ways the northern route around the Great Lakes reminds me of the Sea to Sky highway in BC (Vancouver to Whistler), but longer and minus the mountains. Plenty of rocks and water and trees though. I kept singing the Arrogant Worms song,

"Oh we've got rocks and trees,
And trees and rocks,
And rocks and trees,
And trees and rocks!"

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Anonymous said...

And I would have been reciting what little I know of "The Song of Hiawatha"

By the shores of Gichigume
By the shining big sea waters
Stood the wigwam of Nocomis,
daughter of the moon Nocomis.

Okay, so I need spelling help! Whatever! So happy you were there!