Friday, August 8, 2008

The wrong hardware

The last three days it has been cold enough to have a fire in the morning. Dobby is totally fascinated by the fire, he sits right in front of the stove and stares at it. Once I saw him try to lick the hot stove.

On our dog walk this morning we saw a lot of butterflies. Not sure what kind, they are the same colour as Monarchs, but smaller. There's no milkweed around here so I don't think Monarchs come to this part of the world.

I was planning to drill some holes in the kayak for inserting bolts into. But I discovered that there were no drill bits in the Garden House so I would have to wait until Mike got home to borrow his bits. So again, I didn't really accomplish much, I glued some foam onto the back rest to make it a little more comfy.

When Mike got home I asked about the drill bits, and in the course of the conversation, realized that I had the wrong bolts. Mike had specifically said I needed stainless steel bolts and I hadn't really paid attention to that, I got ordinary metal bolts. He explained that they would rust in the water, I really had to get stainless steel bolts.

How frustrating! I thought I had a day's work left to do and now I have to go shopping for more stuff! Mike thought there might be a store down in Berwick that would have stainless steel bolts. He said Canadian Tire used to carry that stuff but not anymore. He said he had the same problem when he was working on kayaks, as he got closer to finishing it got harder to find the right materials.

We discussed the paint versus clear urethane issue, Mike listened to the arguments for painting but was clearly not impressed. One thing he pointed out was that if I paint then I am totally committed to paint; if I put urethane on I can later change to paint if I want to.

Later in the evening I went through my notes and realized that it has been a month since the last coat of epoxy on the deck, so I can consider putting urethane or paint on now. The coaming was only epoxied a little while ago so that will have to wait.

I've been thinking about when to leave, now that I am so close to being finished. I had hoped to spend some time visiting friends, and maybe taking some trips to Cape Breton and the South Shore. But, if I want to be in B.C. before the end of August, I have to leave here very soon. So tentatively, I am planning to leave either before or immediately after next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Sorry about the wrong hardware. What a bother that is and I do hope you can find it close to home.

If you do have to go to Halifax, do consider looking up Kathi Giberman in Chester if you have any interest in beautifully colored quotations with Celtic knotwork borders. There are a vast numbers of choiced for the quotation and colors - and sizes, too, for that matter. I've already sent you her email address. I mention this again just because I'd so love to be in such close proximity to her beautiful work! I'd be there every day!

It must be with mixed feelings that you anticipate leaving NS after this wonderful adventure.

Big hugs!