Thursday, September 25, 2008

The social whirl, part I

This past week has been a busy social whirl for me. I went out for dinner with friends and family four times!

On Monday Lea-Anne and Tamara and I went to the Greka Taverna in New Westminster, a favourite haunt of ours. We have been meeting for dinner on a fairly regular basis for about ten years now, ever since we all joined the STC West Coast Chapter Programs Committee together. Actually, Tamara was the first to join, she was a newbie technical writer in with a group of presumably more experienced technical writers, but hardly had she joined the committee than they all jumped ship, leaving her holding the bag.

Somebody in the chapter did a bit of scrambling and managed to dig up Lea-Anne and myself to flesh out the committee, and I think we made quite a success of it. None of us knew what we were doing but we learned pretty quick and had fun doing it I think. Eventually we all moved on to other things, but we had such a good time working together on that committee that we continued to meet regularly for dinner, and long may it last!

On Tuesday I had an appointment to see my financial advisor, John, in downtown Vancouver. I drove to the old Planetarium (it's now the Vancouver Museum and Space Centre), parked there, and walked to John's office across the Burrard Street Bridge. Just about the only place left with free parking is at the Planetarium and I used to take advantage of that and walk from there to many different places (Kitsilano, Kits Beach, Granville Island Market, False Creek parks and trails, across the bridge into the downtown and West End areas). It is still free. It only took about a half hour to walk to John's office tower near Canada Place and the Vancouver Harbour.

John and I met at the Vancouver Shambhala Buddhist Centre many years ago, we've done a few retreats together and I am very happy with him as my financial advisor. He takes the time to understand how I want to live and gives me financial advice accordingly. John was quite reassuring about the latest market turmoil, I am not sure whether to believe him entirely but he sounded like he knew what he was talking about and I have every confidence he wouldn't lie to me.

A long time ago I used to live next door to a stock broker and she told me that it was entirely reasonable for me to not only know little about stocks and markets and such, but to not want to know. She said we don't have to know everything about everything, and should hire people to know about the things we don't know about and don't particularly want to know about. So on that basis, I am glad I know John. And it helps that he's a Buddhist, or at least subscribes to Buddhist ways of thinking about life and such.

My appointment with John lasted three hours, and with him, that's normal! I was a bit impatient about it when I first started going to him, but now I am used to it and plan for it.

Later that day, I went to Catherine and Asoka's place for dinner, Catherine and I used to work together (and so did Lea-Anne for a while) at a company called Brooks Automation. We also spent one summer doing research for a book that Catherine wanted to write. We were both unemployed at the time, Catherine had a brainstorm for a book that she thought would be worth millions (or something) and I tagged along just for something to do. It was interesting research, basically involved visiting potential venues for reception events, and then Catherine got a job and the idea got shelved. Catherine's pretty happy with her job now and she and her husband have recently bought a house that they will soon commence to renovate.

Wednesday I took a break, Johanna and I watched the TV show Heroes.

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I'm playing catch-up today and later will help my dear AMIL (angel MIL) measure her 1st quilt top (!!!!!!) and cut the backing fabric before it goes to the quilter tomorrow to have all 3 layers stitched together. Joy! This quilt will be a birthday gift for HER mother who will be 97 on Halloween.

How lovely that you're taking the time to reconnect with long-time and dear friends and family you seldom see these days. Enjoy all and the foods to the max!