Monday, September 29, 2008

The social whirl, part II

On Thursday, Johanna and I met Zorica for dinner at Felico's, another Greek restaurant in Richmond. It's not that I have a thing for Greek restaurants, that's just the way it worked out!

Zorica and I started working at a company called Techware on the same day, back in 1995. We learned our respective jobs there together. Eventually Techware became Brooks Automation, and Johanna started working there shortly before I left the company, in 2001. I had not seen Zorica since I left Brooks, so it was very good to see her and reminisce about our times at that company, and catch up on what various other folks who used to work there were doing now. Zorica has been very good at keeping in touch with all those people.

Friday I stayed home.

Saturday I met with Sam in the afternoon to pick up a few things I forgot at his place in D'Arcy the week before; we had something to eat at Boston Pizza and did a bit of "hanging out" at Metrotown and out around Burnaby in his truck. Later in the day I went to Josh and Kim's condo in Sapperton for dinner. They've been living there for half a year but to me it is new, I hadn't seen it since the year before when it was still under construction. They showed off their condo (and little pup, a Shih Tsu!), I showed off my kayak. I brought my camera but forgot to take any photos!

Josh and Kim were just back from two weeks in Europe so they showed me some of their photos from their trip. They travelled mostly in France and Italy. They had some great pictures of Rome, especially the Coliseum, and of the chateaux along the Loire. Many many years ago I got to go on a tour of the chateaux on the Loire, some of the ones Josh and Kim visited looked familiar, but it was so long ago for me (forty years!) that I don't know if they are familiar because they're famous and I've seen them in pictures, or because I was actually there.

Today the sun came out. It has been raining and dull for over a week, so having the sun come out is a major event here. I didn't know what to do with myself! Kayak? Sit in the sun? Bicycle? Oh yes, I got my bike fixed, finally, and it was no big deal. I took it to another bike shop (The Bike Doctor) and they had no problem fixing it for me. They said it was a good bike, nowhere near ready for the trash! Glad I got a second opinion. In the evening Dave, Johanna and I went to a local pub, The Thirsty Duck, for steak and beer. Cheap. Not exactly gourmet quality, but cheap.

I tell people that I am stocking up on socializing now. I didn't get to visit with friends in Nova Scotia near as much as I would have liked, and I don't know a lot of people in Toronto, so I am expecting a fairly solitary winter there. So I am visiting with old friends (and family) while I can!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mzodell! My Google Alert saw a Brooks Automation story and I was drawn to your website. Good to see that you are doing well.


Zabetha said...

Hi Ted! Good to hear from you, hope you are well too! ~Anne

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Love your narrative as always and your pictures (the ones you took - wink, wink!) are amazing!

May the happy memories made now sustain you thru the winter and may you make some nice new friends in Toronto, too!