Tuesday, September 9, 2008

They don't call it the wet coast for nothing

Today is the first grey drizzly day since I arrived on the wet coast over ten days ago. Ah Vancouver, I remember you well. All that sunshine was just too good to be true...

So, I am sitting in Coming Home Cafe, my old haunt, drinking Kick Ass coffee and watching the traffic. At some point I will get up and go do something, but for now I am content to just watch.

My truck is all better, at the grand cost of $8.96. Note the decimal point after the eight. Turns out I should be checking the oil a little more often now, it was down two litres and apparently that was what was causing the nasty clicking. And to think I actually had a spare litre of oil in the truck, I just never thought to check if it needed it.

My bike on the other hand might be a write-off. There's this "Dirt Cheap" bike repair shop just up the street from the garage where I took the truck, I took the bike in there for what I thought were minor repairs: new pedal, replace the fender on the front wheel, and tighten up a wobble in the handlebar stem.

That last item turns out to be the kicker, the guy at the bike shop says it is jammed in there and he can't fix it if he can't get it out. He told me that I would have to trash the bike if he can't get it out. He asked for another day to try to force it out. Hmph. Well, whatever. It's an old bike and I do like it but it won't be the end of the world to leave it behind.

Isaac and Gretel, if you are reading this, don't sell my electric bike just yet...

This past summer I got into the routine of writing a blog entry for each day, following the kayak building process. Now I am going to ease myself out of that habit. It is too preoccupying, I end up spending way too much time either writing or thinking about writing. Like to have time for other stuff.

The high school kids are trooping in now, must be lunchtime.

A little bit of sadness here. My dear friend Sheila in Baxter's Harbour has lost her younger brother to cancer, after a long struggle. I know how much he meant to her and what a loss it is for her, and I feel sad about that. And reading Gretel's blog I see that my son Isaac's dear friend and work partner is now mortally ill, another sadness. I feel sad for him too.

Oh the losses! Sometimes life sucks. The black background to brilliant specks of light.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Glad to be at Coming Home with your and I'll have to wait until morning for the Kick-ass coffee or I'll never get to sleep tonight. Ta!

I'll miss your blog but I so understand how the computer can eat up time in an astonishing way. Hope we can keep up on EWS in shorter time bits.

Blessings on those facing losses. You're so right. Some things that happen in life aren't fair and do really suck.

Hugs -

Anonymous said...

Bike woes duly noted.