Saturday, October 18, 2008

Leaving New West

You never know

On Thursday I had to pack up and leave again, but my intention was to leave fairly late as I did not have to be in town until after 7:00pm. I emailed my brother Peter about the yellow light in the truck, he emailed back that it was most likely a dirty oxygen sensor and highway driving was likely to clean it up, so he thought I could probably leave getting it fixed until I got back to Toronto. I said goodbye to Sam and also to the guys he works with in his basement, and headed out around 3:00pm.

I stopped in North Vancouver at Morrie and Sher's place to pick up a coffee mug that I left there the last time, and ended up having supper with them. Then I drove back to New West, dropped off a couple of things at Dave and Johanna's and then headed over to Kim and Josh's place.Josh ordered pizza and it arrived just as I did. We had a great visit, chatting over pizza. We talked a bit about whether I should go to Jim's memorial service in Edmonton this weekend. Josh and Kim were flying to Edmonton on Friday, the service being on Saturday. Kim kind of urged me to come to, I have very mixed feelings about it. Josh tended to think I should not skip it if I didn't feel the need to go. I had pretty much decided I wasn't going but was going to visit my friend Dave in Seattle instead, Kim thought I might regret it since the memorial is a one-time thing and I could always visit Dave anytime. Well, that's not really true, and with Jim's unexpected death, I kind of feel like I shouldn't put things off thinking that he will always be around to visit. You never know!

Close the door!

My plan is to drive to Seattle on Friday evening, arriving fairly late at Dave's place. This is what I usually do when I visit Dave, in order to avoid line-ups at the border. And anyway, Dave is usually up very late so it is almost impossible to arrive too late. So on Friday morning Johanna and I met our friend Judy for breakfast. I had been looking forward to seeing Keith and Judy when I came out here, but they had booked a trip to England that pretty much coincided with my trip to BC. So I saw them the night I first arrived here, and they only just returned from England this week.

We went to Amelia's for breakfast, a little Chinese restaurant down the street that does a very good bacon-eggs-homefries-and-coffee breakfast. They fill your coffee cup endlessly and it is very strong coffee, so I usually end up leaving there vibrating on caffeine. It's kind of a local hangout, lots of folks go there for breakfast, and when you come in the door the first table has a pile of local newspapers to pick up and take to your table to read. The door is old and you really have to come on to it to open or close it, and the restaurant is so small that on a cold day every time the door opens there's a cold draft that makes everyone look up and hold their breath until you've closed the door. It's like everyone is counting to five before they yell, "Close the door!"

Johanna and Judy and I had an animated conversation about Judy's trip to England and my visit here, we went from there to various world problems which we attempted to solve over breakfast. A couple of men at an adjacent table couldn't help but chime in occasionally with their own opinions about the world and its problems. Judy was on a schedule, she had to be at her daughter-in-law's place in Squamish by noon, so we hustled out of Amelia's around 11:30am on a tide of caffeine.

Johanna had some marking to do, I did a little shopping returned the last of my library books. I will surely miss the New West library! I also did a laundry and the final packing of the truck. I had some difficulty with the little wooden ramp that I had brought with me from Nova Scotia, but Dave arrived home from work in time to help me with that. I was ready to go. I went over to Ole! Ole! to order burritos and tacos for dinner. Another favourite restaurant in New West.

Come back fifteen minute

Ole! Ole! is a tiny little place run by Raul (Mexican) and Bing (Vietnamese) with the best Mexican food in the Northwest. I am not exaggerating. Bing does the cooking, Raul runs the cash register and waits on tables. Raul was away on Friday night, and the woman taking orders did not understand English, so Bing came out from the kitchen to translate. When he had taken my order he said, "Come back fifteen minute." I did, but Bing had forgotten the order! He said, "Ten minute, ten minute!" I waited and in less than ten minutes he had our order put together.

After our great Mexican take-out dinner, I said my goodbyes and set out for Seattle. I'm still up in the air about what route I'll take home, but I picked up lots of maps from BCAA and I guess I'll decide when I get to Seattle, where to next.

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Anonymous said...

Anne! I just love travelling with you! You have wonderful friends all over the place (because you're so very nice yourself, you know!) and you know the where to find the best food and things to see. You're a treasure!

Wonder how many miles it is from here to Raul and Bing's taco stand?!!

Hugs and away you go!!!