Saturday, October 11, 2008

Market morning

Johanna has today off so we spent the morning down at Granville Island Market. It was cool but a lovely sunny day. I got up early and had a coffee and toast, but Johanna got up late and wanted to have breakfast down at the market so we hustled into the car and drove fast to get there. Johanna does not do well before her morning coffee.

We both agreed on the restaurant we were going to have breakfast at, neither of us could remember the name but we knew the location. However, the restaurant has changed hands since the last time either of us was there and it was not as great as we were hoping it would be. Afterward we took Leia for a walk along the False Creek sea wall, and then strolled through the market and the Net Loft. It was most enjoyable to view all the fresh fruits and vegetables, and also the various crafts and arts on sale. Johanna picked out a silk scarf she liked and I bought it for her as a Thank You gift for having me in her home for so long.

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