Thursday, October 23, 2008

Totem poles in Seattle

I biked down to the AAA office to pick up maps for my trip, and since it was such a very nice day, I continued to bike down to the University area. I stopped at the Burke Memorial Museum of Natural History and Culture. It is a small museum with essentially two permanent exhibits and two temporary exhibits.

The permanent exhibits were of aboriginal peoples of the Pacific Rim and the local geology of the state of Washington; the temporary exhibits were of polar bears in Alaska and Arctic migratory birds. Both of these exhibits were photographic.

The geological exhibit was interesting, I was expecting the geological history of Washington to be similar to that of BC but it is not, primarily because the glaciers did not extend this far south. When the glaciers melted a large lake was formed in Washington and that shaped much of the landscape of the state interior.

They also had an Egyptian mummy on display, I guess that would be their Odds and Ends exhibit.

I took some photos of the totem poles outside of the museum.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

I've been out of town so will be delighted to play catch-up! Since the election was yesterday, I'll also say YaHooooooooo!

You do find the most interesting places to go and take the best photos when you get there - and along the way,too! Again, so glad I'm tagging along!