Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A sunny day for a bike ride

Today was a nice sunny day so I thought I'd go for a bike ride around Green Lake, which is just a short distance from Dave's place. It's a very pretty little lake, similar to Trout Lake in Vancouver but a bit larger I think. And apparently safer for swimming, they have signs up allowing swimming anywhere up to 50 feet from shore. In Trout Lake you can only swim at the supervised beach at one end.

I also saw someone out in a kayak on the lake, it made me think about doing the same. Maybe tomorrow if the sunny weather holds. There were lots of people walking, running and roller blading around the lake, I only saw one other bike.

I biked around the lake once in one direction and then a second time in the other direction. I saw a Great Western Grebe on the lake, haven't seen one of them in a very long time. Also saw a stand of Bald Cypresses, a very interesting looking tree. From a distance it looked to me like a redwood, but then I got up close and saw that its needles are quite different.

I also went shopping for groceries for Dave and for my trip. The supermarket had substantial savings on food items if you have a card for that chain, but of course I didn't. However, when I was looking at the apples, the guy in Produce told me I could get the card price anyway, just tell them at the cash that he said so. So I did, and the cashier gave me the sale price, along with an application for a card. Should I fill it in?

She asked where I was from, I said Canada, and she said, Oh isn't it nice that your dollar is the same as ours now. I said, Not anymore, it's gone down!

She said she'd been in Victoria for her wedding anniversary last February and it had been so expensive because the Canadian dollar was worth more than the American then. I said, Too bad you couldn't postpone till now, you'd have saved a bunch!

As it is, I'm paying pretty high prices for groceries here. The prices of things in Seattle are much the same as in Vancouver, but the dollar is just worth more (or less, depending on your perspective).

I looked at the weather map of the US on a website that showed what the predicted temperatures and precipitation will be for almost a week ahead. My big concern is cold temperatures at night and possible snow on the road in the Rockies. It looks like I can minimize both if I leave here Thursday morning. Even so it will go below freezing at night in the Rockies, so I will have to try to stay at lower elevations at night.

My hope is to get to Toronto around the 28th, leaving on Thursday gives me ample time. I'm probably going to take I-80 rather than I-90 across, but we'll see.


June Calender said...

Anne,thanks for commenting on my blog about native peoples. Maybe I read some propaganda and felt Nunavet was more of a state than a territory. The whole world discriminates, doesn't it? South Africa really tried for nondiscriination but they're not having a lot of success. Makes me sad and angry too. But I'm glad to have someone fill me in and clarify. Have a great drive across Canada - hope the snows don't chase you yet this early in the year though I'm sure you're accustomed to snowy driving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I love your narratives and excellent descriptions of your surroundings and activities. You make supurb plans and are adept at taking all manner of things into consideration in that planning.

Be safe and enjoy to views along the way. It's it's too cold or snowy, do stay indoors, okay?

Hugs - Barbara