Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hallowe'en in the Triangle

Since I got home I've been busy unpacking and organizing. There was all of the stuff in the truck, plus stuff that I dropped off between trips east and west, and also all of the stuff that I put into storage before I sublet my place. I still haven't managed to get out and do some grocery shopping, but Gretel kindly stocked my fridge with the basics, milk, bread, cheese and eggs, and I have some leftovers from the trip.

I went with Gretel and Dobby a couple of times to the local dog park, there is a couple who walk dogs for a living who bring all their charges to this park for an hour every weekday and Dobby loves the chance to run and play with them. There are around twenty dogs there! I admire these people for how well they handle that many dogs, and they all seem to have fun at the park. I am learning many of their names and personalities. When one of the dogs misbehaves, it gets a stern lecture from the woman, and then must spend a time-out on a leash held by the man. The dogs take it very seriously. Several other dog owners show up with their dogs to participate in the daily dog melee, it's quite a party.

On Friday we went to the Shirley Street Elementary School to watch the Hallowe'en parade. It's a small school with a nice community feel to it. The principal was dressed as Superman, one of the teachers as Wimpy from the Popeye cartoon (he carried a huge hamburger). There was one kid dressed as the Toronto CN Tower. There's a daycare in the school too, the oldest kids in the daycare got to participate in the parade as well. They started from the schoolyard, then paraded around the block and back to the school. It was a nice sunny warm day for it!

Friday evening of course was Hallowe'en, Tristan and Phelan went out Trick or Treating with their Aunt Sarah while Isaac, Gretel and I stayed home to hand out candy. Because it was so warm (unusual for Hallowe'en but wonderful!), we sat out on the porch drinking wine and watching the action. Our neighbours in the other half of our attached houses did the same, and there were families across the road on their porches as well, so it was quite a friendly scene. Parents taking their kids on the rounds stopped to chat, envious of us and our glasses of wine. We got to see all of the great costumes going by. There were several Anne of Green Gables, lots of super heroes, the CN Tower kid came by, a couple of Wonderwomen, at least one Ninja Turtle, and many more.

Most of the costumes were actually home-made, which was nice to see.


Tristan and friend

Mr. CN Tower

Dobby and friends

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Anonymous said...

What fun! It's good to know that somewhere Halloween is safe, home-made, candy treats fun!

Loved the pictures!