Friday, November 28, 2008

More off-grid, kind of

Yet more drama on the phone/internet front. Huge cell phone bills attempting to get problem resolved. As it turns out, the issue is entirely with the ISP, even the bits of our internal system that failed can be put at their feet. They insisted it was our problem not theirs and we dutifully made changes to attempt to resolve "our" problem, only to end up screwing up a perfectly good system. Argh!

The worst of it was, tech support folks who said "do this, it will work for sure" and ended the call there (and of course "this" didn't work at all), and who promised to call back in a couple of hours and never did. Three times. Someone eventually did call back late last night but the household was in bed, exhausted from frustration and the contemplation of huge cell phone bills racked up troubleshooting a problem that wasn't ours in the first place.

We heard, via our friendly young dog walker, that others in the neighbourhood were going through exactly the same process, being assured by the same ISP that the system was just fine thank you, the problem must be with them, the customers. Also getting the same assurances of a callback within two hours and nothing happening.

So now the system appears to be functional, but trust is completely out the window.

Would that we could simply shop somewhere else!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

How annoying that must be for the whole neighborhood! Does that company have an ombudsman to mediate problems? Shall you and the neighbors all go en mass to the office and stage a simul-complaint? I just made that last word up, but it seemed to fit my thought!

Hope all is fixed as it should be - and you can do as my DH did and deducted the days we were off line from his payment!

I left you a message on Elder-space so hope you'll read it. I didn't really want to post it here. Ta!