Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh joy oh joy

My copy of 45 Fine and Fanciful Hats has arrived! Can't tell you how excited and pleased I am to own it now.

Now I just have to find (at a price I can afford!) Magnificent Mittens...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! I'm astonished at that price for the mitten book, but cheers that the hat book is yours!

I searched for the mitten book and if it's really at this site, the cost is lots better.

Hope this helps!

Zabetha said...

Oh would that it were that easy... in the fine print Chapters says that they are sold out of that book. All of Anna Zilboorg's books are out-of-print so you can only get them second-hand, and apparently they are Collector's Items now! Sigh...

Hope all is well with you, still sending positive energy your way!

Anonymous said...

Try this site:

I tried putting it "in" my basket and was successful even tho this site is from 2004. It's a US site.


Zabetha said...

Thanks for the effort Barbara! I did take a look but it is not the book, it is a kit based on the book. But thanks anyway!