Sunday, November 2, 2008

Putting the kayak away for the winter

On Saturday Isaac and I mounted my kayak on my hallway ceiling. It took a while to figure out where to put it. At first I had thought in the hallway over the stairwell, but Isaac pointed out how difficult that would be to setup. Then we thought about the grape arbour in the back yard, under the front porch, from the ceiling of the front porch, and finally back to my hallway but this time not over the stairwell.

The biggest part of the job was installing the hardware to get the kayak up to the ceiling. I went to Rona to buy what was needed, some rope and hooks and cleats. I had some difficulty finding what I needed, but eventually got someone at Rona to help me and he gave me some suggestions for how to do it. I came home with rope, hooks, pulleys and rings. Then Isaac had to find the ceiling joists.

This is an old house so the ceiling is plaster and lathe, so the usual methods for finding joists just don't work. Isaac drilled a few exploratory holes but none hit a joist. Then he dismantled the ceiling light to see where the joist was that the light fixture was attached to, and he measured 16" lengths from there and drilled yet more holes to find the joists. It was a long slow process but eventually he found two joists and was able to mount the rings and hooks on the ceiling. The pulleys went on the hooks and the rings were to tie the ends of the two ropes to. Rona didn't have proper cleats, but the Rona guy had suggested using double coat hooks instead so we screwed those to the bathroom and kitchen doorframes.

With the rope strung through and large loops resting on the floor, we were ready to mount the kayak. We took the kayak off the truck roof and carried it into the house. The kayak is 16' long and my hallway is a few inches longer than that. Carrying it up the stairs to my hallway we had to manoeuvre the kayak into my bedroom to get it to clear the stairwell.

The hallway is just 2' wide (between the wall and the stairwell banister) and so is the kayak, so we had to put it down on the floor very carefully. Once in the loops we started pulling both ropes through the pulleys to raise the kayak. Isaac and I pulled the ropes while Gretel kept the kayak more or less level, as it kept wanting to tip over onto its side as we pulled it up. After we tied the ropes off on the coat hooks, I cut one of my pieces of pipe insulation in half and inserted one piece on each rope under the hull of the kayak.

Gretel took a few photos of Isaac and I mounting the kayak, she posted them in her blog, here.

It took most of the afternoon to accomplish this task, I bought some beer to celebrate and we watched a Jackie Chan kung fu movie (The Forbidden Kingdom) after dinner. Tristan performed a little fashion show with some of his newly acquired dressup stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne!

Stellar idea about where to put the kayak for the winter and the installation didn't even block the ceiling light. I love that you can smile at the kayak every day, too! Will you need to run a humidifier occasionally since heat gathers at the ceiling?

Enjoy being home and planning your next trip. I see the map on the stair wall!!