Sunday, November 23, 2008


The last few days I've been sorting through my yarn stash and working on ideas for using it. I have several projects in mind, and have gone searching on the internet and in the library for patterns for those projects. But I am feeling a bit stymied by the sock I am currently working on.

Actually, I've been working on this sock since last winter, I took it with me to Nova Scotia and British Columbia last summer, and worked on it sporadically. Right now I am turning the heel, which means I am about halfway through it. Not a lot of progress.

The problem is, it is the second sock of a pair (the first sock I started several years ago, and only finished last March) and I am thoroughly thoroughly bored with it. But yet determined to finish it before starting anything else. So, I dream about new projects with new yarn and stare at the old project and old yarn, willing it to finish itself. Hasn't worked so far, but as the old saying goes, Perhaps the horse will learn to sing.

And my feet are cold, I really do need some nice warm socks! Socks figure large in my plans for that yarn stash.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could give it to an amputee and call it quits?

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! My only effort ended up with baby shoes I could wear so never even made the 2nd one.

I'm queen of unfinished quilting projects, too. What does this say about me?