Tuesday, January 6, 2009

News from the west

Sam called last night, to tell me about his two new dogs, Malemutes. He's fostering them for a dog rescue agency.

They originally belonged to a Korean family who named them Happy and Hero, good Korean names.

Sam has had them for all of one day and is rapidly falling in love with them and agonizing over the question of whether to adopt permanently or not.

On the upside, he lives in ideal circumstances for keeping a couple of Malemutes and these are dogs that he has wanted for a long time. He has oodles of outdoor space in the mountains, a good-sized kennel next to his house (for leaving them when he is at work), and lots of trails for walking with them.

On the downside, he doesn't know what his future plans are and if he were to move to the Big City (Vancouver) in the next few years he never in a million years would find a place to live with two big dogs, not to mention how restricted and cramped their lives would become.

But for now he is in love.

I've been looking at photos he posted on Facebook of the snow around his place and it makes me "homesick". I have always loved his area, well, always since he moved there in 2005, and I miss it. I examined his online pics ferociously, a series of 8-10 photos he took on a trail near his home, and I recognized every single one, I knew exactly where he was walking and where he was stopping to take a photo. Even though this trail is now under a couple of feet of snow I feel like I know it like the back of my own hand.

And now he has two big friendly Malemutes to share those trails with...

...He says he has no photos of them yet because he has to keep them leashed for the first few days, and with two big dogs on leashes, taking photos is a bit difficult!


Anonymous said...

Oh Anne!

Dogs are so wonderful, show love and joy, and constant friendship. So says this dog person, anyway.

I wish Sam wisdom as he decides what's best of him, for Happy, and for Hero.

Might you want to move back there if life takes Sam to the city? It's so beautiful.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I am so envious. I lost my little dog in September. Have been to the shelter twice as I want another one. But with my planning on building in the country I wonder do I wait until then. Think not. A small one now to travel with me. When I relocate I will make a home for a larger dog.
The pictures are awesome.

Zabetha said...

Yeah, I am envious too! Yes, get that dog, a dog that travels well ;-) Like you say, can get another one later when you're settled.

Heh heh, Barbara Anne, don't think I haven't considered it! Not really in the gameplan but certainly very tempting...