Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nitwits and snowmen

A good fresh fall of wet snow, ideal for snowballs, snowforts and snowmen. Not so great for sliding, probably awful for driving.

At the dog park today, John (owner of Grover, a big Husky cross) and I made a snowman, John said it was probably his first snowman since the '70s!

The dogs were intensely interested, several wanting to pee on it before it was even constructed. As a result our snowman now has a bright yellow shoulder, four feet up from the ground.

Right now he only has a knob for a hat, maybe John will find an old hat to put on our snowman later today, when Grover feels the need to return to the scene of the crime.

Last night I went to KnitWits at the College-Shaw TPL branch. Jennifer was there, we greeted each other like long lost sisters, haven't seen her since the Parkdale Fabulous Knitters last spring. It was the first night of the season, so only four of us, but a good time had by all. Carole and Lily were regulars from before Christmas, Jennifer started the group in late October but didn't advertise it until the latest issue of What's On (at the TPL). Carole invited Lily and I to the Knitting Club on Saturday mornings at the Annette branch.

Sam asked me to make him a hat instead of socks, I asked the group for advice last night, and Jennifer suggested trying Noro yarn for a toque similar to the one I made back in the days. Way back in the days! She showed me mittens she made in Noro and I thought they were beautiful so I'm thinking I might try it. I was a bit reluctant to do another hat like my old one, I didn't think it was all that great, but they disagreed. It may be old but it has its good points.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers for more friends, old friends, snowmen (yellow and otherwise),dogs, and those dear inner children!

I'm a knitting klutz as my hands don't play nicely in the ways needed for them to work knitting needles. Applause for you who can knit and do! Your old hat has an admirer so I can just imagine the love that will go into the stitches of Sam's new hat!!! Perhaps you'll knit yourself a new hat, too?