Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Day in the park

Today we went for a walk in High Park with the kids.

This was our Family Day activity, all of us going for a walk in the park.

We visited the small zoo there and saw Llamas, Yaks, Bison, Barbary Sheep...

...White Fallow Deer

(close-up of the stag)

...and Peacocks.

Tristan is practicing his newfound reading skills, reading all the signs describing the animals in the zoo. I think he spent more time reading the signs than actually looking at the animals.

There were some large hairy cattle in one pen with very large spreading horns. Isaac was scratching the head of one of them through the fence and it seemed to enjoy it.

But when I tried to scratch its head, it butted the fence in clear warning. Hands off!

It was OK for Isaac to do it, but it definitely did not want me coming anywhere near it.

Later we walked down to Grenadier Pond and Tristan chased some Canada Geese that were trying to eat peanut shells on the ground.

On our way out of the park we ended up on an extremely icy trail, definitely a challenge with Phelan's stroller. At one point Gretel and Tristan took a shortcut down a steep icy trail through the trees to reach a bare asphalt pathway at the bottom. They slid most of the way down.

Isaac and I took Phelan in his stroller the long way around, we didn't think we could control the stroller on that steep path. Even so, Isaac had to sit on the ice and hold the stroller handles to make it through the slipperiest part.

We've had some lovely weather the past few days, sunny and clear and just warm enough for a lot of melting.

There are lots of bare dry sidewalks now. I hear there is more snow on the way though.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful day out! I always enjoy going about with you. A family day is the best kind.

Where are we going next time?!


Zabetha said...

It was a very nice day Barbara Anne! Even though the big hairy cow didn't like me very much ;-)

Hugs to you too!