Thursday, February 5, 2009

Getting there

Yesterday was my school day, all day spent in weaving, carving and tai chi. I feel like I turned a corner in all three classes.

In the weaving class I finally got my warp successfully strung on the loom and could start actually weaving, I managed to get just over six inches done.

In wood carving I mostly spent the class chipping away a lot of the wood. My project is based on an Emily Carr painting that I happen to like a lot, called Big Raven. I have to remove about half the wood in the areas that will be sky and background, so that the raven and the foreground will stand out, I should have most of that done by next class and can start carving the raven itself.

In tai chi I think I'm finally getting it, I was able to do most of the form without getting too lost this time. We're learning the 24 form version, but even that is hard to learn. I tend to focus on the arm movements, but the instructor wants us to focus on breathing and footwork. Interesting. Anyway, it's coming along.

Last week only five of us showed up due to the weather, and this week the instructor wanted to push on to the next positions. But most of the class was lost because they weren't there last week. So one person asked for a review, the instructor asked the class to vote on whether to review or move on, and review won. I was glad of that.

I have an appointment next week at the naturopathy clinic, hopefully they'll have something useful for me to try for my Brain Fog. I was supposed to go to the art gallery with Beth today but she called to cancel because it was so cold and she didn't want to be standing at the bus stop in the cold. I was so tired after yesterday that I was happy to have a day to piddle around.


20th Century Woman said...

I lived in Burma briefly more than 40 years ago, and I saw the beginning of the terrible suffering of the Burmese people. The Burmese are wonderful gentle people, full of poetry and grace. What a tragedy. Thank you for this post and for not using the name Myanmar, thought up by the cruel generals who now run the country.

Anonymous said...

I want to come to classes with you! I'd love it, too!