Saturday, February 21, 2009

Night night, chickens

Whenever Phelan comes to visit he puts my chickens to bed. He carefully lays them on the floor and covers them with the dish towel that normally hangs on the stove beside them.

All the while he talks quietly to them, I can't quite make out what he is saying but I think he is telling them to go to sleep now.

Sometimes I come home to see the dishtowel laid out on the kitchen floor, and I know Phelan has been there. The chickens are under the towel.

The other night when Phelan was heading off to bed himself, he put the chickens to bed as usual, but he wanted to wave goodbye to them and realized that they couldn't see him waving. So he rolled back the towel to uncover their eyes, waved at them, and then covered them up again!


Wisewebwoman said...

Hi Anne:
Oh you write so well of lovely Toronto, all the places I enjoy, spec. the Island and High Park.
Do you ever wander out to the western boardwalk? It's one of my favourite places and not too well known.
Phelan and the chicks, adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi ANne,

What a sweet tale of a child's delightful imagination and caring! I'm sure your chickens feel well loved!


Zabetha said...

Hi Wisewebwoman, thanks for stopping by. I've been out to the Beaches boardwalk, but not this winter. I used to go there a lot as a small child because my paternal grandparents lived on Fallingbrook Road, not too far from the western end of the boardwalk. Last time I was there was over a year ago, so I suppose I am due!

Phelan is at that age, about-to-turn-three, of being extremely adorable and extremely willful. You should see him throw a tantrum! But I love watching him put the chickens to bed!

Barbara Anne, you're right, it is heartwarming to see a small child being so caring, knowing that this is a primal part of all of us, to care for living things in that way. Even if in this case they are not quite living!

And I don't think those chickens got so much loving attention in their long careers as they do now, thanks to Phelan!

Hugs, Anne