Saturday, April 4, 2009

Around the neighbourhood...

These are some leftover photos from previous posts.

This one is another mural on a building near the Parkdale Library on Queen Street. The building is an old factory converted to loft apartments.

A close-up of the mural (click on it to enlarge).

Queen Street bay windows.

Another Queen Street building.

Little boy driving a car, big boy riding a skate board...

...and attempted car jacking in the 'hood.

At the dogpark, Dobby, Yuki, Titus and onlookers...

Dobby and Yuki boxing

Look over there!

Yuki is required to wear a halty at all times, not because she is vicious (au contraire, a very sweet dog!) but because she is hard on other dogs, having a very dominant nature.


Barbara Anne said...

Oh, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, wish you could be my neighbor! - with thanks to Mr. Rogers!

Just one small hijacking attempt and one canine wrestling match. Nice day, indeed!

Great photos!

Wisewebwoman said...

lovely photos, thanks for the cheer-up!

Zabetha said...

In these days, we need all the cheer-ups we can get! So, you're welcome!

And yes, it's a beautiful day in the neighbourhod, and long may it last