Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday socks

Three Four out of the four five people living in this house have spring birthdays: Phelan (March), myself and Gretel (April), and Isaac (May). This past weekend it was Gretel's birthday.

I knit a pair of socks for her birthday.

I made her stand on a stool by the kitchen window to model them, so I could take a photo with natural light.

Phelan really likes the socks.

Tristan made beaded hair barrettes for her, in her favourite colours, green, brown and red.

His idea, his work, with a little help from Dad.

It was interesting knitting these socks, the variegated yarn made interesting patterns.

I used a heavier yarn than usual so they went really fast. I'm thinking that once I use up all my sock yarn I may just switch to the sports weight yarn because it knits up so fast and still looks and feels good.

Today is Josh's birthday, Happy Birthday Josh!


Barbara Anne said...

Love the socks, you talented knitter, you! Well done!

Have you seen the socks in a catalog (cannot think which catalog) where the socks are deliberately mismatched and are sold that way? I think they're $19/pr.

April is a busy month for us,too. Today is Robby's 25th birthday, Rob's is the 20th, our anniversary (#37) is the 22nd, and mine is the 28th.

Happy Birthday to you, Josh, and everyone else!


Gretel said... mean 4 out of the 5 people? Thanks for posting first - now i can be the lazy one and link to yours for the sock pix! I forgot to mention that at taiko last week, during the yoga session, I kept getting distracted from what I was supposed to be concentrating on and staring at my feet. I do love these socks!

Zabetha said...

Barbara Anne, thank you and best wishes for the birthdays and anniversaries in your family! 37, congratulations!

Gretel, you're right, 4 out of 5, not 3 out of 4! Glad you like them. (I almost didn't give them to you, was seriously considering keeping them for myself! I've got just enough yarn left for one more sock...)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Anne, I love everything you knit.
Wish I could buy a pair of the socks from you. Nothing I buy is warm enough. Especially for my return to the country woods.
You are one talented lady.