Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Fritz and Carolyn of course were not home, but I know where their spare key is and let myself in. I called Carolyn at work to let her know I was there, then had a shower and made a cup of tea while I waited for her to come home. My reason for wanting to get to Wolfville by Friday afternoon was that Carolyn had said she was planning to go to the South Shore for the weekend, so I wanted to arrive before she left. As it turned out, she opted to stay in town for the weekend. We went out for dinner at The Ivy Deck and by the time we got back to her house Fritz was home too. We chatted for an hour or so and then all toddled off to bed.

On Saturday morning we again sat around for a couple of hours over breakfast chatting, then Carolyn and I headed off to the Saturday Market. Having packed up over several days, I had long since forgotten what I had in the way of food so I did not know what grocery shopping I needed to do. I decided I'd wait until I'd unpacked to make a grocery list. So the Market was more for the pleasure of it than any real shopping. In the afternoon I headed up to The Harbour. Ruth and Mike were home and after first taking a look at the house I would be staying in, I checked in with them. Ruth came back to my truck to help offload the kayak, we left it lying on a couple of logs by the side of the driveway. Borrowing their wheelbarrow I began unpacking the truck.

The driveway into Fritz and Carolyn's house in the woods is very muddy at this time of year, and last fall Mike got his tractor stuck in the driveway, so there are big gouges in the ground where he got stuck. Maneuvering the wheelbarrow around the mud and tractor gouges was tricky, I did not escape sinking up to my ankles in mud but did manage to avoid spilling any of my belongings into the mud. I was amazed at how much stuff I had, seeing it all spread out inside the house was impressive. Imagine, I somehow got all that stuff into my truck!

There's tools and books and food and pots and pans and clothes and yarn and a computer and a boombox and a breadmaker and a banjo. Not to mention all the kayak gear.

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Barbara Anne said...

Ah, you're among friends, at home with your stuff, and what could be better?