Sunday, May 31, 2009


I've been pretty busy the past few days getting this place together, I'm almost there. Mostly it's about trying to civilize this place, putting in various amenities. Kind of funny to go back to nature in the woods and then try to civilize it, but I guess that's what we humans do. Just can't leave well enough alone!

My throneless A-frame emergency crapper

The first job was a roof over my "outhouse". That was easy, a matter of removing nails from several old sheets of plywood lying around (part of the old greenhouse that used to be along the south side of the house) and then propping two of them up in an A-frame shape with a third sheet propped against them to form a back wall. Mike helped me get the A-frame up and made suggestions for modifications that would make the whole structure a little more stable. So far so good!

I also want to make a "throne" for this outhouse but that's not such a high priority. It's rained a few times since I put up the A-frame and it does the job, I stay dry. It's not pretty but it works.

A new door latch

I carved a wooden door latch to replace the spike that was being used in the side door, which is the door I use most of the time. I just got tired of that spike. It doesn't stay in the door but hangs beside the door, so each time you want to use it you have to pick it up and insert it before lifting the latch with it. My wooden replacement stays in the door, you just have to press down on it to lift the latch. It does not work well after a few days of rain though. I guess everything swells up and changes shape so for some reason the latch does not respond well. The spike still works though, so I guess I will continue to use it on very wet days. But I like the wooden latch better.

I whittled the edges of the new door latch to round them, unfortunately I managed to cut may fingers up pretty good while whittling. My eye-hand coordination is bit lacking. I noticed that with building the outhouse A-frame too, in hammering nails I'd pound three times and hit the nail once. But I think I am improving, yesterday I spent several hours chopping firewood and managed not to chop myself in the process.


Barbara Anne said...

Applause, applause!! What wonderful ingenuity skills you have and you get an A+++ for bravery in tackling these projects.

Any chance of getting a real "throne" from a junk yard? Fewer splinters to be had that way methinks.


Zabetha said...

Actually, I already have a seat, I just need to attach it to something to make the throne. It's not high on my list right now though...

Hugs to you too!