Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Baxter's Harbour Blog

Sheila and I are starting a new blog, The Baxter's Harbour Blog. Our first post there is about an upcoming supper and Old Time music concert at the community hall and church.

Several years ago the United Church of Canada wanted to shut down the Baxter's Harbour church, they agreed to give the buildings, a small church and even smaller church hall, to the community. There was some money associated with the church, the United Church gave that to the community as well to do some needed upgrades to the buildings. However it wasn't enough, the upgrades ended up costing quite a bit. So every year the community does several potluck suppers and occasional concerts to raise money to pay off the debt. They're almost there, a couple of dinners this summer oughta do it. The church gets used for occasional weddings and funerals, it has a small cemetery next to it as well.

Anyway, Sheila wants to post some old photos and other stuff on the blog. Several years ago the community collected old photos from residents to illustrate a cookbook they were going to sell as a fundraiser, there were some really interesting photos in that collection. Sheila would like to post some of them on the blog. We'd like to invite other Baxter's Harbour residents to contribute to the blog too. We'll see how it goes, wish us luck!


Barbara Anne said...

Lovely idea! I love the way this new blog can enrich the community!

Good luck!!


Zabetha said...

Hi Barbara Anne

Some folks here want to keep this place a secret, they like the lack of traffic and want to keep it that way!