Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saling into the storm

The Brockton Triangle Yard Sale was today, unfortunately we had several thunderstorms pass through, complete with heavy downpour and lightning. Some of us were undeterred though, we put our stuff out for sale, and then either ran it all back onto the porch when the downpour started or simply covered everything in tarps. The storms came in waves, so we had to do this several times over, but we were determined!

I managed to sell a few things, and then spent my earnings on two bead necklaces from Mary Anne across the street, a cookie from Tristan, and a chana, potato and cheese roti from Queen Street.

A lady wanted to buy binoculars from me and tried to bargain with me, but I was of two minds about whether I wanted to sell them at all, so I told her that I wasn't going to lower the price because I would be happy to keep them. She finally bought them at my price. I was half wishing that she would walk away without them, kind of disappointed to see them go.

Dobby had to stay in the house for the whole time that the yard sale was going on. He kept sneaking out every time the front door opened. Gretel was trying to sell an old dog crate, and one time I caught Dobby sneaking out the door and I stuffed him into the crate. He didn't like that.

I had an electric drill that a fellow wanted to buy, I didn't care what I got for it I just wanted to get rid of it so I told him to make me an offer. He said he hated dickering, he just wanted to pay my price, but he didn't have change and neither did I so he went off to get change and didn't come back. After the yard sale was over we had arranged for a charity to come pick up our leftovers and I gave them the drill. But five minutes later the fellow did show up and I had to tell him it was gone. He shrugged his shoulders and we both laughed. He said he probably didn't want it after all.

At a slow moment in the yard sale, Brighid and her Dad got out their fiddles and played a couple of tunes. Brighid's fiddle is tiny! I've never seen such a tiny fiddle.

The sign over their heads is Gretel's new business and website address. You can go there and see what she's doing.


Wisewebwoman said...

it sounds like my kind of afternoon, Anne, I love yard sales, my own and others....

Anonymous said...

Love the story. I got a dog crate for my guy years ago and it was one of the best investments I ever made. Dog Crates are a safe way of transporting your dog in the car, as well as a way of taking him places where he may not be able to run freely. If you properly train your dog to use a dog crate, he'll think his dog crate is a safe place and will be happy to spend time in his dog crate when needed.

Anne said...

Hi Anon, for some reason Dobby never took to the crate, he made it very plain right from the get-go that couches not crates were for dogs. Wish it had been otherwise, but no point keeping the crate around when the intended occupant weighs many pounds and has to be shoved into it with all the force one can muster.

WWW, while repeated thunderstorms and gusts of strong wind don't compare to your latest weather experiences, it did rather detract from the pleasures of the day here. It was however a most sociable occasion between bouts of weather.

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

Are binoculars and a new drill on your shopping list?!

Sounds like a make-the-best-of-it day and the music certainly added fun.

Hope Gretel's business is a roaring success!


Anne said...

Hi Barbara Anne

I sold the drill and the binocs because I already had another one of each. But the binocs I sold are smaller than the ones I kept, that's why I was a bit reluctant to let them go.

But it's all good!

Hugs to you,