Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The squatter

A few weeks ago a "squatter" moved into the house. She really should have checked in with Fritz and Carolyn but she didn't. I think Mike and Ruth must have made it clear that I was coming imminently so she did move out a few days before I arrived. She decorated the place quite nicely and left a nice note for me. There was a vase of forsythia on the dining table when I arrived. She left her guitar here and I understand that she has no plans to pick it up in the near future. Apparently she is headed to New York City to record a CD and plans to buy a guitar there. There's also a bow and arrows hanging from one of the ceiling beams, I don't know if she plans to pick that up or not.

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Barbara Anne said...

How interesting. Nice of her to leave the place a bit better and the flowers were a nice touch. Do you play guitar? If not, no doubt that you will, soon!