Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bill and Danny

Hurricane Bill last week, now Tropical Storm Danny. It's not supposed to be as bad, but considering it's bringing at least two days worth of heavy rain and strong winds, not sure that means much. Bill was out to sea, Danny's supposed to come ashore.

The weather between storms has been pretty good actually, but overall not a great week for me. Let's just say I am not in a sufficiently good mood to say much good about anything.

A neighbour commented this morning that Hurricane Bill seems to have left everyone a bit wonky. Her uncle just up and bugged out without telling anyone or saying goodbye, here one day gone the next.

I kind of sympathize, I've half a mind to bug out too. Except the truck has something wrong with it, it fogs up and stays fogged up in the rain. Someone told me that meant a part was broken, but she couldn't remember what the name of the part was! That's a help. So no driving in tropical storms or hurricanes or even light showers until I get it fixed.

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Barbara Anne said...

Hugs to you! I've been out of sorts and have written no one in 2 days. Bill passed by here but nicely out at sea and Danny is passing by now. Wonder if my mood is weather related?

DH says if your truck is an older model and the heat/defrost/vent control is a side to side lever, the cable could have broken.

It could also be that you're parking in a damp area, water condenses on the under side of the truck and interior of the vent tubing so when the truck is started, that moisture comes thru the vents and condenses on the cooler glass of the windows and the windshield. The solution is to run the heater and see if that helps. If that fixes the problem, try to park in a dryer area that gets sunshine.

More hugs!