Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy day

I bought some building supplies for an outhouse, and took my truck to a garage to get its problem diagnosed. Burnt out heater core. Antifreeze being sprayed onto the inside surface of all the truck cab windows, windshield in particular. $300. Coincidentally, the building supply store also estimated $300 for all the building materials I wanted for the outhouse. I didn't buy it all, just enough to get started. Yesterday Peter helped me draw up a plan for the outhouse, I had tried earlier to do it but somehow it seemed too complicated (there are special requirements for this particular outhouse). Peter has a gift for simplifying things. After a few minutes of sketching, I had a plan, a materials list and a cost estimate. Plus donations of a door and roofing materials.

I also went and looked at a three acre building lot with "deeded water access" on a lake. The location is kind of interesting, it was a very pretty drive to get there and the lake itself was very pretty. The real estate agent was a very nice lady who lived nearby. It was a fun trip but I have not made up my mind. It has its pros and cons, as usual, although a friend said You just have to decide, the pros and cons don't really matter. Which is true I think in this case. But easier said than done!

Had dinner at Mike and Ruth's and we talked among other things about a book I am reading called The Strange Empire of Louis Riel. Reading it is like watching a bad car crash happen in front of you, you know it ends badly and getting to see the details of exactly how and why it ends badly is not pleasant but hard to turn away from. I can't read too much of it at a time.


Alan G said...

You have spoken of outhouses at various times on your blog but for whatever reason (probably old age) it wasn't until this morning that I remembered my own personal experience with outhouses. About nine years ago I wrote a song, bluegrass in nature, which is titled, "Thar's A Skunk In the Outhouse".

I will have to email you a copy. The song is not all that great I suppose, but I love the title. :)

Annie said...

Please do Alan!

My current outdoor facilities are pretty basic, a hole in the ground with a roof over it. My knees look forward to something to sit on, and a door that closes would be nice too!

Barbara Anne said...

Cheers that the truck will be fixed before autumn weather or time for a trip west come.

Hope your knees will forgive you for waiting until now to build the outhouse. Glory be for friends who can simplify the complicated!

"Thar's A Skunk In The Outhouse" is a good title!