Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family coming

I'll be busy this coming week, Isaac, Tristan, Phelan and Dobby are coming for a visit, due to arrive any minute now.

It's been raining down on us every other day this week, I finally started digging ditches to drain all the water off my "driveway". Which is now no longer driveable even by bike because of all the ditches and mud, only marginally less wet than before.

I spent one rainy day in Halifax, having a wonderful time visiting with old friends and walking on the Halifax waterfront boardwalk. I love Halifax, such a beautiful and laid back little city! Had two great meals, Lebanese at Tarek's and pizza at Salvator's in the Hydrostone district. Hydrostone gets its name, I'm told, because it was built from old concrete left over after the great Halifax Explosion.

Last night I went down to Paddy's Beach, there were lots of people there watching the sunset. Of course Sheila was there, I recognized her by her camera aimed at the setting sun!

Before going to the beach I stopped at the Harbour and watched a man in a little boat stuck on a rock bar trying to get out of the Harbour. He was pushing with an oar and waiting for the tide to raise his little boat off the rocks. Later at the beach I saw him driving his boat out into the Bay, but there seemed to be something wrong, he kept starting and stopping, standing up and sitting down. Hard to say what was happening but eventually he turned around and went back to the Harbour. The Bay was rough so every time he stood up in his little boat we were holding our breaths waiting to see if he fell over. Fortunately he didn't. When he drove the boat it bounced over the waves sometimes rising completely out of the water!

Sheila took a video of the man in the boat, maybe she'll post it at The Baxter's Harbour Blog.

This is a picture of the Harbour that I took at low tide.

And this is the mother squirrel that chews antlers, I think she was dropping by to see how her youngster was doing in his new digs.


Wisewebwoman said...

Enjoy the family Anne, mine are arriving end of week. we are so blessed. Love the pics!

Barbara Anne said...

Oh, I feel as if I know your family and Dobby! Pass around hugs to all from me!

Love the pictures and hearing about Halifax.


20th Century Woman said...

A great outing, and so nice to be looking forward to family.