Thursday, August 13, 2009

The house-sit

This house-sitting gig is so cushy I know I am really going to be disappointed to return to my own digs when it's over (Sunday). So I am enjoying it while I can!

My responsibilities are minimal: water the plants, feed the birds and feed the dog. About 10 minutes a day. The benefits are vast: hot tub! view! the dog! indoor plumbing! high speed internet!

And the weather forecast is unbelievable: sun, heat and clear skies all week! I think this is a first. Folks are saying summer has finally come (mid-August!!!).

Yesterday I walked around the big field surrounding the house with Chezzah. She has a weird obsession: she chases airplanes. Not low-flying or on-the-ground airplanes, but the high flying jets and planes most of us are barely aware of. So out in that field she appeared to be running off in all directions barking like crazy at nothing. But it wasn't nothing to her, it was airplanes overhead.

In the early evening I thought I would cycle back into the woods to get some strawberries out of Mike's freezer, but en route I was stopped by Alden who invited me for dinner and beer with him and Sheila and Jana. I think Alden is trying to matchmake me, first he described his 80-year-old (single) uncle in glowing terms and said he really had to introduce us, then later he introduced me to a visiting neighbour, making a point of telling both of us that we were single. The nieghbour has a house right next to the Baxter's Harbour waterfall, one of the more desirable locations in the Harbour.

I eventually made it back to the freezer, Mike was laying out garlic to dry and offered me some. I had Chezzah with me and he said he didn't understand why she didn't go on vacation with her owners, although he answered his own question by noting that she would have had to stay leashed the whole time. I didn't stay too long, the mosquitoes were swarming and Chezzah was covered in deer flies. Fortunately her fur is way too thick for them to penetrate, but they do bug her.

There's a huge family of pheasants living in the field on the Co-op land. As I was biking into the woods I saw them all on the road in front of me, there were too many even to count, all youngsters. They look kind of like cardboard cut-outs; when you see them broadside they look like ordinary birds, but from the front or back they are so skinny you hardly see them at all! When they saw my bike bearing down on them they scattered in all directions, one running in front of me for several tens of meters, zigzagging back and forth on the road in apparent terror before finally taking wing.

After dark I lay in the hot tub for a while gazing out at the Bay and the Milky Way above until my glasses were too steamed up to see anymore. I was wishing I had a glass of wine, but I can't bear to tear myself away from here long enough to buy a bottle.

Oh well.


Alan G said...

Wow....what a beautiful place! What a job to have!

Sounds like Chezzah is trying out her herding talents on airplanes. Well, keep on enjoying yourself.

20th Century Woman said...

I just loved reading that. It made me think I should take up house sitting.

So did you meet the 80 year old uncle?

Annie said...

Wow is right Alan, it's a gorgeous place inside and out. Peter has done a beautiful job restoring this over 200 year old house.

Not yet 20CW, not yet ;-)

Yeah, I think house-sitting would be a great way to vacation, the trick is to line up the ideal house-sit in a place you want to visit. I'm lucky here, these are old friends and they were able to contact me at the last moment to arrange it.

Barbara Anne said...

What bliss!!!! Love the photos and the sunset is amazing.

I'd try really hard to like the neighbor with the house by the waterfall ...!

Go thou and obtain wine for Saturday night!