Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kids on beaches

I know I've been away from here for awhile, life took over I guess.

Isaac and gang came and went...

...I spent a couple of days out on Tancook Island, and now I am house-sitting again for Peter and Nancy while they go camping at Keji. It was supposed to rain for half the week so they kind of dithered about whether to go or not, but as soon as they decided to go anyway (Don't Complain, Camp in the Rain!), the weatherman changed the forecast to sunshine for the whole week! So I get hot and cold running water, a flush toilet, a hot tub, a real fridge, high speed internet, DVDs and DVD player, a fabulous view of sunsets over the Bay of Fundy, and Chezzah the dog for the rest of the week.

Doesn't get much better.

While Isaac and the kids were here we visited old friends in Mahone Bay, spent time on the Baxter's Harbour beach, went to the Blomidon beach and the Look-Off restaurant. Had ice cream cones at Hennigar's and milkshakes at Stirlings (traditional!), and of course walked Dobby with Sheila's dogs Max and Moose and Riley's dog Queen Matilda.

The various beaches we spent time on were probably the best part. Both kids loved the rocks at Baxter's Harbour and the sand at Blomidon, and my friend Barbara taught all of us to skip rocks on the beach at Mahone Bay.

Yippee, I can skip rocks!

Phelan didn't quite get it but squealed with delight every time he threw a rock into the sea. Eventually he tackled the big rocks in someone's rock garden and had to be redirected back to beach pebbles. Dobby chased the rocks and attempted to paw them up from under the water.

After some discussion about the kids' food likes and dislikes, Barbara made a fabulous mac and cheese and salad for dinner. The kids gobbled up everything and the adults drank wine and reminisced about the old days.

On the road to Mahone Bay we hit a deer (or the deer hit us). It seemed to survive, at any rate it disappeared into the woods, but Isaac's van suffered a smashed headlight and dented fender. Once we got to Mahone Bay we called around until we found a friendly garage that could take a look at it and see what could be done, so Isaac had to spend time dealing with that while Barbara and I took the kids to the beach. Unfortunately they could not replace the headlight without replacing the fender, so instead they duck-taped the bulbs in place (they still worked!) so we could drive home that night. After successfully driving home with a smashed headlight, Isaac decided to just continue on back to Toronto before trying to get it fixed properly. It looked weird but it worked.

Of course the encounter with the deer had to be reported to the police, but they said that as long as the deer made it off the road under its own steam, they didn't care. It was hard to tell what kind of injuries it sustained, there was no visible blood on the van and the deer appeared to be running on all four legs when I looked in the rearview mirror. Hard to imagine it survived the impact, but maybe it did.

I took Tristan down to both the Baxter's Harbour beach and Paddy's beach the first night he was here. We were there till after sunset and I had to drag him off the beach in order to get back home before dark, as we did not have flashlights. A couple of days later we all went down when the tide was way out and crossed over the brook running from the waterfall through the Harbour to the rock formations on the other side. There are towers and bridges made of solid basalt there.

Phelan loved the rocks. He wandered around for a long time on the rocks, spreading his arms wide and yelling, "Big rocks! Big rocks!" Once again, the kids had to be dragged up long before they were ready to leave.

Blomidon had a nice sandy beach, but the tide comes in very fast there and we arrived an hour before high tide. Tristan went off down the beach to explore, and quite a while later we realized that he was well out of sight and the tide comes in all the way to the foot of the cliffs, completely covering the beach. So we had to go running down the beach yelling at him to return quickly. He was a tiny speck way down the beach, it was a little tense. A woman sitting by the stairway up the cliff to the parking lot was sketching, when we returned to where she was sitting she said, "I'm a grandmother, I was scared too!"

There were people Isaac would have liked to visit but was unable to, we had such a short time and it was just not possible to contact folks in time. Zack, a fellow he grew up with was arriving back in Nova Scotia the day before Isaac had to leave, but he was going to be in Mahone Bay and we could not travel that far on his last day here. We tried to contact Lin but she was on the South Shore the day we called. Isaac did see Fritz and Carolyn briefly, but Isaac was exhausted from his drive down from Ontario and Fritz was on his way to work, so it was not the best of visits. We kept missing Mike and Ruth but did finally manage a visit with them, however Peter was working on the South Shore all week (I told him today that he missed Isaac and he was very disappointed. He said he didn't know if Isaac would remember him but he would very much have liked to have seen him again).

We did spend an afternoon wandering around Wolfville though, and Isaac showed the boys where he lived and went to school. The kids got to play on the train tracks and view the Wolfville harbour.

Sheila showed them Alden's tractors...

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Barbara Anne said...

Oh, Anne! What a lovely time was had by all! Aren't kids and the great outdoors made for each other?

Glad the deer incident didn't do more damage to the deer (apparently) or car and its occupants.

Enjoy the cool digs and the view!