Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunset on the beach

On Saturday night I went down to Paddy's beach to watch the sunset with Chezzah. There were about 14 of us there to watch, several of us were snapping photos. This is the Saturday night excitement in Baxter's Harbour: the setting sun!

There was a couple sitting in lawn chairs setup in front of their tent on the beach, I stopped to chat with them. They were a bit nervous at first, quick to tell me that a local resident had said they could camp there, I said it was nice that one could still do that, setup a tent on a beach for the night. They thought locals might consider this "their beach" and be a bit resentful of interlopers camping there. It was certainly unusual to see a tent on that beach, but I confess my first thought upon seeing it was, Why didn't I think of that?

They described travels in Newfoundland and how impressed they were with how the Newfoundland government encouraged outdoor activity and life there. They told me that a Newfoundland resident could lease, for $25 a year, any Crown land plot of land on a lake that was not already leased. They also said that seeing folks camped on beaches is very common there, it's the done thing on a nice summer weekend.

The fellow started throwing sticks for Chezzah to fetch, his wife confided that he always wanted a dog that would fetch sticks but their own dog Maggie resolutely refused to do so. But the sun had set and daylight for getting home was at a premium, so I had to break up their happy exercise. Maggie I think was relieved to see us leave, she looked a little jealous of the attention being paid to the new dog.


Wisewebwoman said...

That's true about NL Anne, across from my house I get periodic tenters and supply them with fresh water from my well.
I know what you mean about the sunsets, I haven't missed one yet this year.
Better than any movie.

Alan G said...

A beautiful sunset for sure! I use to enjoy camping out on lake shores - sometimes fishing all night! Only camped out on an ocean shore once.

Annie said...

WWW, I don't see a lot of sunsets here because my house is in the woods and the sun disappears from sight several hours before sunset. I have to make a point of being on the beach for it. I'm not quite as fanatic about it as my friend Sheila is!

Alan, I think camping on lake shores is great too, a different experience but just as great. Fishing all night! Wow, you must really like fishing!