Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tropical shmopical

The weathermen kept downgrading Danny, it was just a tropical storm, not even a tropical storm, it was not coming ashore, just a little bit of rain and wind. Maybe at times heavy.


Worst rain and wind we've had so far this year.

Even Nova Scotia Light and Power says so. They spent today running around fixing all the power outages.

Mike's rain gauge showed 75mm (3 inches) this morning and my driveway was underwater. I stopped trying to find pots for all the drips coming through the roof around the chimney sometime before midnight. As long as it didn't rain on my bed I was giving up on it.

Maybe it wasn't even a tropical storm, but it sure packed a big wallop. This time New Brunswick took notice. Saint John was flooded.

Everybody around here had a bad feeling about this one, in spite of the reassurances of the weathermen. And even faced with the evidence the weathermen are still saying it wasn't even a tropical storm, just a tropical depression. Yeah, so depressed it flattened us.


Wisewebwoman said...

I hope all is now OK, Annie, we just got a kind of weird warm rain and breezy wind. then it went cold.
I did light the fire in the afternoon but now it is warm again.
Strange weather.

Barbara Anne said...

Glub, glub! I hear you, honey.

When will people realize that "global warming" means weird weather all over the place, more intense storms, and not just increased warmth where you live.

Hope you're drying out now and that the rest of the storms stay far out at sea!