Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cold comfort

I am freezing. Or at least it feels like it!

Yesterday was a nice warm day and I closed all the windows in the late afternoon to conserve the heat inside the house, because I knew it would be cold at night. However this house has so many windows and I missed a couple that were just open a crack. As a result the house was pretty cold in the morning, and there was a cold north wind blowing. The weatherman says it will be cool today, with a high of 19C in the Valley which means maybe 17C here.

I am sensitive to cold at the best of times, right now my hands and feet feel numb. Peter told me they had not yet gotten their chimney cleaned so he asked me not to light a fire while I was here, I think I am going to have to go back to my own place to light a fire to warm up.

Yesterday I did a load of laundry and watched a video called Kate and Leopold, a romantic story with Hugh Jackman in the male lead. I've always associated him with X-Men/Wolverine, so it was interesting to see him in a completely different role.

I always find interesting reading here, I am now reading a Carole Shields book of three of her earlier novels. I like her, but three novels in a row by the same author might be a bit much. There are also lots of books here about paddling in the Maritimes, woodworking, and house building (Peter), and nursing, gardening and ceramics (Nancy).

Just before bed I took a quick dip in the hot tub. Because the moon is so bright there are not a lot of stars out. I think I would rather be able to see the Milky Way than the full moon, I suppose because the Milky Way is pretty invisible in the city but you can always see the moon (except when it is not there!).

I did see one rather odd sight: a very bright red light coming in low over the Bay towards me, then sinking down into the Harbour. I have no idea what it was, I couldn't hear anything. At first I thought it might be some weird kind of fireworks, then a spotlight (but why red?), but I just don't know. If it were a plane or helicopter I would have heard it, it was very close. I was not sufficiently curious to walk down to the Harbour to find out at that point in the evening. Maybe I'll find out today on the morning dog walk.

Mike invited me to visit their Lake George place this weekend, presumably with my kayak, and I was thinking of going today, but I still ache a lot from the past week's work and I am cold and I don't expect it is much warmer on the lake than it is here. Well, maybe a bit warmer. We'll see, just at the moment the prospect does not thrill me. I'm wondering which is better, to give sore muscles a break or to push through. I haven't been out paddling in a while.


Barbara Anne said...

Brrrr! I hear you and hope you've found the blanket and tea or soup stashes so you can have a hot beverage and be cozy again.

Is there any chance your knitting notebook is at this house? Perhaps!?!

Oh,I finished the painting on the porch, but discovered after all was cleaned up that I'd missed a spot. Phooey!


Annie said...

Well, as it turned out, this house has both oil and wood furnaces, which I found out from one of the dogwalkers. She remembered seeing the oil delivery truck struggling up the driveway in the winter. So I went on a hunt for the thermostat, found it, and was able to turn on the heat!

Never did find out about the strange light though...

Barbara Anne said...

Glad you're warm!!!!!

The red light was probably one of those UFOs that goes under water. :D


Wisewebwoman said...

I hope you're toasty warm, Annie, here it's not too bad yet, have the fire going tho to take the chill and damp out.
When are you going back to Ontario?

Alan G said...

Speaking of the moon, the stars and the Milky Way....that is one of the items on "My Bucket List".

Living in the city you never get to really see the heavens in all their glory like you get to do where you live. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the woods and camping out and use to love to look up and watch the stars - there were just millions.

So before I die, on an appropriate night I am going to find a proper location, lie down on the ground and watch the stars in all their glory one more time.

20th Century Woman said...

Glad you found some warmth.

A weather balloon? They are always being cited as explanations for strange lights in the sky (instead of UFOs.)

Annie said...

Hi WWW, I am planning to return to TO sometime just before or after the snow flies, more or less end of October. Apparently my tenant hopes I return later rather than sooner, he is happily ensconced there.

Alan: oh yes you must, and sooner rather than later! The sky dims with light and dust pollution, it is not nearly the same as in our yout'. Check out Dark Sky Finder ( - it's slow to load but worth a gander).

Barbara Anne and 20CW: your guesses as good as anybody's, so far I've gotten no good ideas from anyone here, I am apparently the only person who saw it. I am dumbfounded, it wasn't that late and I can't believe no one else was outdoors or looking out the window at that time!