Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fader house

From a distance, this little house looks OK, cute even.

It was built in the '70s by a young family, a series of different people lived here over the years. I don't know when the last person moved out, but it then began it's slow decline into what it is today.

I took these photos last year, this year it is in even worse shape.

The location is lovely, perched on the edge of the vault with a view down onto the Fraser Brook. At one point we thought that it might actually have been built on someone else's land, it was so close to the boundary of the hundred acre woods. But an aerial view proved it to be placed on the right side of that boundary.

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Barbara Anne said...

Sad to see a forlorn dwelling place that used to be so full of life. Might this possibly be a home for you to purchase and resurrect for your project next summer? Why,you could then enjoy the lovely setting, the proximity to the hundred acre wood, and an extremely well build outhouse?! Perhaps?