Thursday, October 15, 2009

Letting go

My truck is in the garage getting major repairs. I took it in a few days ago to get an inspection prior to driving back to Toronto, and I was fully expecting the garage to tell me the truck was fine, or that it needed minor repairs. I certainly hadn't noticed anything other than the gas leak from the filler hose. However Albert at the garage told me I was looking at $1300 worth of work. Thirteen hundred! Yuk.

After consulting various friends and family members (Hi Peter!) I negotiated with Albert to reduce the repairs to those absolutely necessary, and to use cheap parts (he wanted to put in top quality parts to keep the truck going forever), bringing the price down to just under a thousand. Still a hefty bill but he said it was unsafe to drive as is all the way to Toronto, I don't have time to find another vehicle now and Albert was unwilling to back off from what he considered safety-related necessary repairs. So there you are.

I do however have an offer from a former car salesman to help me find a new vehicle next year. He seems pretty knowledgeable and apparently he loves doing that sort of thing, especially the part where you negotiate a really good price. Hey, sounds like a plan!

The big step for me was foregoing undercoating the truck. I've always tried to keep up with proper maintenance of the truck, and in this climate undercoating is critical. Saying no to the undercoat means I am letting the truck go. We are about to part ways. I've had this truck for fifteen years and it is hard to do. Albert put up a strong argument for keeping it going, he believes it is a solid truck and worth the effort, but I've reluctantly come 'round to saying that may be so but not for me. It's hard.

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