Saturday, October 17, 2009

A walk in the woods (3)

Some of the things I saw on my walk...

British soldier lichen on a log

Reindeer moss, when it is dry it is crispy brittle, but when it is wet it is very soft

Red maple leaf and rotting birch

Black mushroom

Amazing variety of mushrooms abound

"The three amigos"

Little sombreros in the moss

Shelf fungus

Little neon yellow spikes

A root elbow sticking up from the ground

A branch elbow hanging over the vault


Barbara Anne said...

Great photos, Anne! Are storing the memories up for your winter time musings? Perhaps one or more should be enlarged to poster size for your wall?

When we moved here 7 years ago, we found that one fungus here causes DH to swell up and need ER treatment. Be careful with the unfamiliar fungus.


Annie said...

Hi Barbara Anne, little danger of me eating poisonous mushrooms, I'm not such a big fan of mushroom flavours that I go hunting for them myself. Happy to stick to grocery store mushrooms.

I rarely print off photos, but what I like to do is make screensaver slide shows of my favourites. I have a few shows of favourite west coast places, I probably have more than enough pics now for an east coast show.

Barbara Anne said...

Hi Anne,

I wasn't clear - DH didn't eat any mushroom, he dug up an odd spongy orange thing because it looked peculiar and within 10 minutes of touching it, his hand started swelling. We went to the ER where he was treated for about 2 hours with anti-allergy meds.

About a year later, some different but similar fungus came up in the yard and he touched that while digging it up, too. He swelled up again and that ER trip lasted more than 6 hours with the ER doctor telling him never to come near that fungus again. Scary.

Be careful!