Monday, November 9, 2009

Dogpark gossip

At the dogpark this morning the flu was a topic of conversation. Who we knew who had it, whether we were getting "the shot". I had heard that older folks might have some natural immunity to it but the stories today were about older people who had it bad. People who got "the shot" and then promptly came down with the flu. How shots are just bad news all 'round.


Dobby's two best dog buddies---Billy and Val---were there and it was a delight to watch them all play together. They chase each other round and round, nipping at necks and heels, falling and rolling in the mud on top of each other.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes the flu is a hot topic, Annie, an article in the Atlantic Monthly had great research and like you, I'm not buying into the fear mongering.

Barbara Anne said...

I had the regular flu shot and am being cautious but not silly about the swine flu. I don't remember if I had swine flu the first time around in the 1970s or not.

There's nothing more joyful than a happy dog!

joared said...

My dtr and granddtr both had the swine flu and it was no picnic. I had some concern since they are both in the prime age groups for whom it can become quite serious, plus they live on the opposite coast from me. I'm happy to say they survived to return to their daily lives but had a pretty rough time, fortunately not exactly at the same time, but close.

Their concern now is that they're hearing contrary to thinking they would be immune to the swine flu, they could come down with it again. I haven't checked out the truth of that, but wonder if medical people even know?

I got the regular flu shot, but the swine shot is only now being available around here. Think I'm going to pass on it, but will see.

Annie said...

Hi WWW, I saw that article and it certainly is food for thought. We are a little too accepting of medical miracles, science is not as infallible as many believe. The whole point of science is not about producing miracles but about being rigourously sceptical of so-called "facts".

Barbara Anne there is no right answer as near as I can tell, there simply is not enough evidence one way or the other. So we make personal choices based on our own sense of the situation and hope for the best. But a hearty yes to joyful dogs!

Joared, I've heard some bad accounts of the flu that is going 'round now, I feel for your dtr and granddtr! What I have heard about flu vaccines in general is that the older you are the less likely they are to produce immunity in you. They work on the principle of stimulating your body's immune system to produce the right antibodies, but as we age our immune systems are less likely to respond to a vaccine. Young people probably will get good benefit from the vaccine, older people maybe not.

Stay well everybody, and if not, take good care of yourselves!